Mel Lifshitz's Travelogue
Melly and Son at Universal’s City Walk

Earlier this month, Mel Lifshitz and Son went to Universal’s City Walk in LA after having a short trip to Venice Beach.

An account of their trip is published on one of the popular PR online. Check excerpt below.

"Mel took a quick night trip at the Universal City Walk along with his wife and son few weeks ago. They originally went to Venice Beach and enjoyed the unique culture and laid back lifestyle in the area. "

"In contrast with the laid back atmosphere of Venice Beach, the Universal City Walk is loud, bright, and vibrant. It has its own futuristic metropolis, equipped with arcades, restaurant, bars, clubs, and a giant AMC Theater."

Read more about this trip here:

Melly Lifshitz Attends Chilli’s wedding in LA

Chilli is the son of Ezra Birnbaum, a close friend of Melly Lifshitz.  Ezra’s son had his wedding ceremony in sunny Los Angeles.  Read more about the wedding here.

A week before the wedding, Mel had a get-together with his friends in the renowned Malibu Beach Inn. 

Melly Lifshitz Visits Shadow Creek Golf Course

Melly Lifshitz recently published an entry on his official website about his visit to Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas.  Below is an excerpt from the blog entry.

Gambling, Casinos, the desert, Las Vegas is known for quite a few things, however, one you may not expect to hear about is it’s golf courses. Recently, Mel Lifshitz took a trip to one such location, for a little R&R with his nephew, and experienced the merits of the City’s golf community for himself. The “Shadow Creek Golf Course”, located in North Las Vegas, at about 60 million dollars, was developed by Steve Wynn, a casino magnate in the late 80′s from desert flatland.

The Shadow Creek Golf Course is one of Las Vegas famous golf courses because of its positive reviews and reputation.

Some amazing photos of the course are posted on the blog post.  Check Mel’s official blog at

About Mel Lifshitz

Mel Lifshitz is a philanthropist who is involved in various types of charity. He helps aid the mentally and physically challenged children as well as children with cancer. He instils hope in them while trying to improve their quality of life. He is the financial benefactor of the Kulanu Academy, Camp Bais Chana, and Shalva.

Mel Lifshitz Lists Favorite Historical Spots in Jerusalem

As the 2nd International Jerusalem Marathon is fast approaching, Mel Lifshitz is also preparing himself to compete against thousands of marathoners who will be running past the city’s historical spots and places.   Mel finds the upcoming running event very exciting because the route the runners will be trudging includes some of his favorite spots and places in the city.

The Menachem Begin Heritage Center

Melly often visits this museum every time he is in Israel.   This museum serves as Israel’s tribute to Menachem Begin, a courageous fighter and fearless leader who worked for the freedom and future of his country and people.

The Residence of the President of Israel

The country’s leader residence is located on President Street in the Talbiyeh neighborhood of Jerusalem. It is the official residence of the presidents of the State of Israel. Photo Credit

The Jerusalem Theater

This Theater has 23,000 permanent subscribers.  Its auditorium can accommodate 1000 people.  It is located in the heart of the Talbiyeh neighborhood in a modern structure that commands a view of its surroundings. Photo Credit

Ammunition Hill

This is one of the most historical spots that tell the story of the State of Israel.  At the center of the site, which was officially dedicated in 1975 to commemorate the liberation and unification of Jerusalem, is a monument to commemorate the fallen soldiers of the 66th Brigade. Photo Credit

Other historical spots in the marathon route are the Knesset, Israel Museum, The Supreme Court Building, The Gerard Bechar Center, Mamilla, Jaffa Gate, Zion Gate, The Sultan’s Pool, The Israeli Cinemateque, The Jerusalem Khan Theater,  Emek Refaim, The Armon, Hanatziv Promenade, The Jerusalem Municipality, and Hebrew University of Jerusalem Mount Scopus Campus.

If you are visiting Jerusalem on March of next year, you might want to join the marathon by registering here.

Melly Lifshitz’s Favorite Tourist Spots in Canada

In the previous post, Mel Lifshitz and family were spotted enjoying their trip in Canada especially their visit to Mont Tremblant and its neighboring city, Montreal.  Though Melly often goes to Canada during business trips, its scenic tourist spots still never ceased to amaze him.  Below are his top 3 favorite tourist destinations which he often visits every time he’s in Canada.

Niagara Falls – One of the most famous tourist spots in Ontario, Canada.  It is a world famous set of two large water falls on the Niagara River that attracts millions of tourists annually.  When traveling to Niagara Falls, you should not miss the following attractions: Maid of the Mist, Journey Behind the Falls, Skylon Tower observation deck, Weekly fireworks over Niagara Falls, Nightly illumination of Niagara Falls, National Helicopters, Niagara Helicopters, Niagara Skywheel, Queen Street Arts & Culture District.

Banff National Park – Banff is one of the world’s most visited national parks.  It is open all year round and has annual tourism visits of over 5 million during the 90’s.  The Banff National Park is Canada’s first national park which is consists of 6, 641 square kilometer of unparalleled mountain scenery.  When visiting the Banff National Park, you should also not miss the following attractions: Upper Hot Springs, and a 27-hole golf course at Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, and three ski resorts including Sunshine Village, Lake Louise Mountain Resort, and Mount Norquay ski resortPhoto Credit

Stanley Park – Stanley is an urban park bordering downtown Vancouver which attracts an estimated 8 million visitors every year.  The park is filled with numerous man-made attractions specifically designed to lure visitors.  When visiting Stanley Park, Mel Lifshitz recommends not forget to check the following natural attractions: Beaver Lake, Second and Third Beaches, Hollow Tree, National Geographic Tree, Siwash Rock, and Lost LagoonPhoto Credit

Mel Lifshitz and Family Travel to Canada

Mel Lifshitz and his Family recently went on a trip to visit beautiful Mont Tremblant (, as well as it’s equally stunning, but for entirely different reasons, neighboring city, Montreal. The trip lasted a little over a week, but was filled with enough adventures and gourmet feasts to fill a month.

The family experienced the scenic and culture-fueled environment of modern Quebec, while indulging in it’s exquisite cuisine and vibrant nightlife.

There was hardly a dull moment to be found, whether they were ziplining across Tremblants gorgeous mountains, rafting across it’s white rivers, or experiencing the vintage class of Old Montreal, the excitement was full force.

More Mel Lifshitz travel adventures here.

Mel Lifshitz’s Top 5 Travel Films

Traveling for Mel Lifshitz is not only a hobby but a passion, a part of his life that cannot be curtailed.  It motivates him to do lots of things and it gives him a broader picture of different realities.

As he is a travel fanatic, he also finds time checking out movies with travel themes and lists his top favorites.  Below is the list of his top 5 most favorite travel films.

 Mel Lifshitzs Top 5 Travel Films5. A Cry in the Dark – This is a story about a mother whose child was killed during a camping trip and was accused as the murderer.  This movie is based from a true story of Lindy Chamberlain.  She claims she witnessed a dingo stealing her baby daughter Azaria from the family tent during a camping to Ayer’s Rock in outback Australia.   This case attracts lots of attention on who really is the real kidnapper or murderer.

Meryl Streep was incredible in this film. She has an amazing knack for accents, and she shows incredible skill in this film overall. I really felt for her when Lindy was being persecuted. She was played realistically, too. She got cranky, upset, and unpleasant as the media and the government continued their unrelenting witchhunt. I didn’t expect much from the film initially, but I really got interested in it, and the movie is based on a real person and real events. It turned out to be better than I had anticipated. Sam Neill was also outstanding; this is the best work I’ve seen from him, and I’ve really liked him in other movies (The Piano, for example). I gave the film a 7, but if I could rate just the acting, I’d give the it a 9.5, and a perfect 10 for Streep.” - Alan S (Bloomington, IN)

Mel Lifshitzs Top 5 Travel Films4. The Last Emperor – This is a story about Pu Yi, the last Emperor of China with highlights about his decline and dissolute lifestyle which ends to his obscure existence as just another peasant worker in the People’s Republic. 

I saw this movie at the cinema when I was 17 years old. I was completely overwhelmed by the movie (I already had a fascination for China) that I decided to visit china in 1992 just to see the forbidden palace (and the rest of China of course).

The music in the movie is brilliant, the cinematography outstanding, the story very moving (the end of the movie broke my heart).

Don´t expect an action-packed or high paced movie and be ready to sit through 3+ hours. If you´re all that, it might be worth a look for you as well:)
” - arjen (holland)

Mel Lifshitzs Top 5 Travel Films3. Lost in Translation – This flick is about Bob Harris, an American film actor who is far past his prime.  The story starts when he meets Charlotte, the young wife of a photographer.  They become traveling companions in Tokyo and  started a special relationship after. 

It’s been a long time since a movie has made me hurt the way this one did. Perhaps “hurt” isn’t the right word. “Ache” is more like it. I could so completely identify with both characters.

Bob is a middle-aged actor caught in a life which has lost its zest and purpose, doing what he “ought” to be doing (making money doing whiskey commercials) instead of doing what he WANTS to do (plays). And then a young, beautiful, intelligent woman enters his orbit. On that level alone, with its mute longing and sexual tension, I can identify with him.

And then there is Charlotte, a student of philosophy seeking herself, her soul lost and adrift. She doesn’t know who she is, doesn’t know what she wants. Her life is a quest for authenticity of self. And I identify with her because so much of my life I have been seeking the same thing.
” - Steve ( (Dallas) Continue reading here

Mel Lifshitzs Top 5 Travel Films2. The African Queen – This is set in Africa during World War I when Reverend Samuel Sayer became a hostile foreigner after his mission was burned down by the German Imperial Troops.  Rose Sayer, his sister, along with Charlie Allnut, sought revenge for his brother.

This is one of those films whose special effects and scenery must have been astounding at the time (1951), but which seem mediocre at best today. BUT, and that’s a big ‘but’, this does not detract from the greatness of the movie overall. The scenery truly is beautiful, for one thing—and the direction and cinematography is great.

However, what truly makes this film a classic, and deservedly so, is the performances given by the lead actors. For their one film together, Humphrey Bogart and Katharine Hepburn pull out all the stops. Bogart is crude, dirty and a low-life river-rat with a heart of gold. He gives the Oscar-winning performance of his lifetime. Hepburn is prim and prissy, but always manages to win us over with her radiance and vulnerability, as well as that core of steel and strength she lends to all her on-screen characters. He’s charming, in his way; she’s achingly beautiful in hers. You can’t help but warm to Charlie and Rosie, and truly, genuinely root for them to get together.
” - gaityr (United Kingdom) Read more here.

Mel Lifshitzs Top 5 Travel Films1. Chocolat – A sweet story about a single mother and her six-year old daughter who open a chocolate shop after moving to rural France.  Mel Lifshitz likes this movie the most because of its simplicity and how it successfully outshines other flicks in its genre, plus France is one of Mel’s favorite travel destinations.

I have only seen this movie for the first time today. I have to admit that I hesitated somewhat as I did not believe I would like it because it was described to me as a ‘chick flick’, a genre I do not subscribe to even though I am a girl. How wrong was that description. I loved the film, the story, the scenery. Such genuine & diverse characters. The actors chosen were perfect for their roles, I cannot imagine anyone else playing the parts. The DVD I had was borrowed, but I intend to buy a copy for myself as it would fit into my small library of movies. I have to see it again & this time I will share the experience with my partner as I know he will appreciate the story.” - lida_mila (Australia)

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Mel Lifshitz Supports HANC’s Beit Medrash Program

Menachem Lifshitz is one of the supporters of Hebrew Academy of Nassau County  (HANC ) High School’s Beit Medrash Program.   This program along with the Rabbi Moshe Gottesman Beit Medrash, is dedicated in memory of Harry & Marjorie Mayrock.  The Rabbi Moshe Gottesman Beit Medrash facility is located on the Mitchell Field campus in Long Island just across from Hofstra University.

HANC recently held a ceremony for the Melly & Rochelle Lifshitz Beit Medrash Program.  The program opened with greetings from HANC’s High School menahel, Rabbi Moshe Stavsky, which was followed by a d’var Torah from HANC High School senior, Netanel Neman. There were also remarks by HANC’s dean emeritus, Rabbi Moshe Gottesman, and the program’s major benefactors, Melly Lifshitz and Isidore.  Mel Lifshitz eloquently addressed a large and distinguished group of Rabbis, educators,  fellow school benefactors, and parents on the merits of continuing education and Torah learning.

HANC nurtures the many different facets of life in each of its students- the academic and intellectual, the moral and spiritual, and the communal. As an academic institution, HANC provides an exceptional education for students, serving each student according to his or her own individual talents and needs.  Mel Lifshitz’s eldest son,  talented director and filmmaker JD Lifshitz,  is a graduate of the H.S. At HANC where upon graduation in 2010  he received the MSG Scholarship Award for film and media studies.

While there is a strong emphasis on secular academics at HANC High School, the Bet Midrash donated by Mel Lifshitz provides the motivated students of HANC with the opportunity for advanced Talmud study. Together with the abundance of extracurricular activities, including debate, college bowl, mock trial, and a wide selection of sports for both boys and girls, the learning program adds yet another vital dimension to the high school experience at HANC.

Notably,  HANC’s Mitchel Field library is the proud recipient of an advanced accreditation from the Association of Jewish Libraries that thus far has been extended to only a handful of schools, thereby demonstrating its  library’s standard of excellence in technology, quality of the collection, staffing, and other important metrics. Students have the resources to do extensive research in an attractive and inviting atmosphere that supports and promotes intellectual inquiry.

Tiger’s New Job


A company in Japan has hired Tiger Woods to promote a new heat rub product that you rub on your body to relieve muscle and joint pain. I’m not sure if he’s the best person to promote this product. Giving his past history, it doesn’t seem like Tiger’s good at rubbing things out himself.